Michigan Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center in Live Models

Michigan Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center in Live Models

One of four members of a national consortium, the mission of the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center - Live (MMPC-Live) at Michigan is to advance medical and biological research by providing the scientific community with standardized, high quality metabolic and physiologic phenotyping services for mouse models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity and related metabolic diseases and conditions.

Comprised of two fee-for-service core laboratories, Animal Care and Germ Free Mouse Core and the Metabolic, Physiological and Behavioral Phenotyping Core - The Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center in Live Models at Michigan aims to:

Aim 1   Provide academic and non-academic researchers, internally and nationwide, access to a broad range of advanced mouse phenotyping services at a reasonable cost.  

Aim 2   Foster continued technical development, scientific training, and dissemination of best practices in basic and translational research in the metabolism field.

Aim 3   Contribute to a national database of metabolic, physiological, and behavioral data in a broad range of animal models relevant to the pathogenesis and treatment of obesity, diabetes, an associated metabolic disorders. 

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Comprised of two core laboratories the Michigan MMPC-Live provides access to a broad range of comprehensive, state of the art, specialized phenotyping services; Including unique expertise in bariatric surgery models, diabetic microvascular complications and functional interactions of the microbiome.

contact us directly at mmpc-live@umich.edu

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