Microbiome Protocols and Procedures

Special Instructions

Sequencing Requests

Guidelines for DNA submission:

  1. Recommended DNA Isolation kits: MoBio PowerMicrobiome, MoBio PowerSoil, MoBio PowerMag, Roche MagnaPure, Qiagen spin columns. Other kits may be used if high quality DNA is extracted.
  2. Please submit 15 µL of isolated DNA in a full skirted twin tec PCR plate (Eppendorf cat #951020401) sealed with a sterile aluminum foil (VWR cat #89049-034).
  3. Expected DNA concentrations should be in the range of 1-100 ng/µL. If <1 ng/µL, please indicate samples as "low bio-mass" on request form.
  4. Samples should be filled column-wise.
  5. Please provide an electronic copy plate map using this template: Click hereNOTE: For MiSeq runs, sample ID must be 1 word containing NO special characters (including no underlines or dashes). Each name MUST be unique, even if on different plates.
  6. Ideally, the customer should test DNA for amplification ahead of submission. If you would like to order generic primers, please contact the lab at MSMBLCORE@umich.edu.
  7. For proper shipping protocol please refer to these guidelines: Click here.

Shipping Address

Microbial Systems Molecular Biology Laboratory, University of Michigan Medical School Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases, 1150 W. Medical Center Dr., 1500 MSRB1, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5666 Contact For further information about sequencing services, please contact: msmbl@umich.edu / 734-615-2958 or Michael Dority midority@umich.edu / 734-764-3016.