Intra-University trucking

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To facilitate the movement of animals and equipment across campus, ULAM operates a temperature-controlled truck that can assist with the following:

  • Delivery of animals received at the ULAM Dock to other buildings on campus
  • Transfer of animals and/or equipment between buildings
  • Pickup of animals shipped to Detroit Metro Airport

A minimum 48-hour notice is required for all trips. Study teams are charged for truck driver labor (hourly, in 15 minute increments), and mileage for these services.

Truck Labor Rate/Hour $30.84

Truck Labor Rate/Hour Overtime $46.26

Truck Mileage/Per Mile $1.75

  • Questions or concerns pertaining to the shipment of animals to and from U-M should be directed to the Rodent Health Surveillance Team at or (734) 936-1699.
  • To arrange for transportation services through ULAM, please email or call (734) 936-2011 or (734) 936-6163. 


Truck Labor Rate/Hour $30.84 + Mileage per Mile $1.75

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