Metabolism, Bariatric Surgery and Behavior Core

The Metabolism, Bariatric Surgery and Behavior Core (also referred to as the Animal Phenotyping Core) is directed by Dr. Malcolm LowDr. Nathan Qi and Dr. Randy Seeley and performs a variety of in vivo physiological assessments encompassing glucose homeostasis (glucose tolerance, insulin tolerance, hyperinsulinemic/euglycemic clamps), energy homeostasis (indirect calorimetry by CLAMS, dietary challenge), ultradian hormone secretion (Culex platform for serial biological fluid sampling from unrestrained mice), behavioral measurements (locomotor activity, meal pattern analysis, operant conditioning) and generation of bariatric surgery models. 

Key aims of the core:

  • Provide investigators the essential resources for advanced, standardized phenotyping in mouse models of metabolic diseases caused by dietary, genetic, pharmacologic or other perturbations.
  • Aid MMPC investigators in the design, performance and interpretation of phenotying assays conducted by the Core.

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Listed prices reflect internal UofM investigator rates, external customers are subject to additional fees, please inquire for a quote.

Test Number Test Name
Depression - Tail Suspension Test
$89.00/per hour
Reward - Conditioned Place Preference
$89.00/per hour
Reward - Wheel Running (home cage, low profile RF running wheels)
89.00/ per day
Reward - Operant Conditioning
$89.00/per hour
Reward - Locomotor Sensitization/Tolerance
$89.00/per hour
Behavior - General Activity
$89.00/per hour
Behavior - Training
$89.00/per hour